General Information about the Centre`s Services

The Support Centre against Sexual Abuse (smso) is a supplement to the public help services. It is a low threshold service; it does not require a referral and the services are free of charge. Everyone that works at the centre is required to keep matters confidential. Visitors of the centre are also required to keep matters confidential regarding other visitors they meet at the centre. A journal is not kept and clients of the centre can remain anonymous. Sessions with us are free.

Smso offers both individual and group sessions. The centre is both for men and women who have experienced sexual abuse and for relatives to these people.

People employed have relevant high school education, professional experience or have themselves been sexually abused. Both men and women work at the centre. You will meet people that will listen to your story. We can also accompany you to the police, lawyers or public help services.

Individual sessions can be undertaken in English. Group sessions are conducted in Norwegian.Smso-Agder has its main office in Kristiansand that is open to visitors at the following address: Markensgt. 37 (2.etg.)

Ph: 38 07 11 11


We also have an office open to visitors in Arendal at the following address: Langbryggen 13

Ph: 38 07 11 11